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Genre: Heavy\ Thrash Metal

Origin: Portugal


Vicious Life - Toxikull
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Latest Release on Non Nobis Prod.:


          - 2015  -  CD EP

          - 2016  - Black Sheep CD 


Toxikull started his activity playing traditional Heavy Metal  2012. Their influences are a melting pot that goes from Rock ´n´ Roll to Thrash Metal giving them an original touch and a fresh sound.
The band won the music contest Voltimetro in 2013, come second in the contest Find a Way, played several shows in Portugal on their own and opening for bigger (national and international) acts.
Their debut EP “Little Piece of Hell” impressed the Portuguese metal circuit and the video “Black Sheep” made for promoting this debut album is being very well received!
The band line-up: 
Lex Costa – Main Vocals and Guitar;
Lee Sandmaster Guitar;
Armaggedon Antim Batchev -  Bass and Backing Vocals;
The Lorke - Drums
Keep an eye on this band, they are heading for the top in the Portuguese Metal Scene!




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