Band- Leather Synn
Title - Leather Synn


NNP-006 CD
Band- Hipérion
Title - Hipérion Rise


NNP-007 CD
Band- Xenotaph
Title - Rock is the Force


NNP-009 CD
Band- Glory Fate
Title - Ride on the


NNP-011 CD
Band- Booby Trap
Title - Survival 


NNP-012 CD
Band- Panndora
Title - The Heretic Box            (plus Bonus) 


Band- Leather Synn
Title - Honor and Freedom


NNP-019 CD
Band- Shivan
Title - Shivan


NNP-020 CD
Band- Cruz de Ferro
Title - Morremos de Pé


NNP-022 CD
Band- Legendry
Title - Mists of Time


NNP Digital

In an age of huge technological development and big changes in the music industry Non Nobis Prod. felt the need to embrace the digital market.

Last year Non Nobis Prod. and Creanauta joined forces and nowadays part of the Non Nobis Prod, catalog is available through over 100 music distribution services including Spotify, I tunes, Deezer, Amazon MP3… Creanauta is one of the leading digital music distributors in Europe.

               Note: If one of our physical releases is not here available in digital format, it’s because we don’t have contractual permission for that.   

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