LMC-001 CD
Band- V12
Title - Born to Die/ The Last Waltz (the diehard tapes)
Format - Double CD
Status - Sold Out

 Lusitanian Metal Classix Series is a Joint venture with Blood and Iron Rec. and Metal Soldiers Rec. All countries had their Heavy Metal scene of the 80’s and 90’s Portugal is no exception! LMC aims to bring back the best of what was produced during those golden years of Heavy Metal. All those top-notch records that never made it to vinyl, all those demos that never had the treatment they deserved are now under our radar. We aim to bring back all those classic stuff working it to sound as good as possible, get information, photos logos to make this CDs not only historic sound registries but also a reliable source of knowledge of the Portuguese 80’s and 90’s Metal scene. All LMC releases are limited editons!  

LMC-002 CD
Band- Valium
Title - Pesadelo Real -  Anthology 85-88
Format - CD
Status - Available

LMC-003 CD
Band- Wild Shadow
Title - Bound to Be free -  Anthology 86-92
Format - CD
Status - Available

LMC Releases

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