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Genre: Heavy Metal

Origin: Spain


Fear - Rottentown
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Latest Release on Non Nobis Prod.:


          - 2015  - Blood's not Enough MCD

          - 2017  - Victims of Nothing MCD


The history of the band starts around a grey and depressing city, that added to an improvable economic and social situation creates the perfect breeding ground to the emergence of the heavy metal. In 2015 the guitarist Jack Steel, worshiper of this genre, decides to create a band to give life to his ideas and riffs, so he meets three musicians which in turn contribute their bit for the project. Axe Chaman, a very caracteristic heavy and rocker guitarist completes the duo of twin guitars. The young Anders Hellbound provides his demolisher drums, very important for the final sound of the band. The last piece of the puzzle is Audrey Lutwidge that in addition to providing a consistent bass enriches the band with her potent voice. The result is a powerful Old School Heavy Metal. The name of the band, Rottentown, is the name of an imaginary city such as Birmingham (where heavy metal was born), Bartertown (from Mad Max III film) and more...

At present, Rottentown besides the live performances, releases an EP with four songs by NBQ Records, Non Nobis Productions and Secret Port Records.




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