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Genre: NWOBHM\Heavy Metal

Origin: UK


In the Arms of Morpheus - Mournblade
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Latest Release on Non Nobis Prod.:


          - 1984  - Anthem of Chaos (Demo)

          - 1985  - Ein Heldentraum (A Hero's Dream) EP

          - 1985  - Time's Running Out MLP

          - 1986  - Live at the Wellington  Live Album        

          - 1986  - The Titanium Tapes (Demo)           

          - 1987  - Stairway EP

          - 1989  - Live Fast Die Young LP

          - 2011  - Anthology - Vol I Compilation CD

          - 2013  - Live and Loud - Studio Outtakes CD

          - 2013  - Selling Your Ass (Single)

          - 2013  - Live at the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Holland 2012 CD

          - 2015  - Time's Running Out 2015 CD and Vinyl Album


Originally recorded in 1985 and released on the Flicknife label (Sharp 030), Time`s Running Out, technically a mini-album, was the only official release from Mournblade`s "Space Rock" era and has never been reissued on CD due to legal issues.
 This new recording by the original members, celebrates the album`s 30th anniversary.
 Reconnecting after nearly 30 years via social media, some ex-members of the band met up in a London pub. It soon transpired that everyone had access to recording software and so the idea to re-record the original album was born, featuring all ex-members of the "Space Rock" (MK1) band, even though keyboard player Derek Jasnoch and vocalist Dunken Francis were now living in New Mexico and New Zealand respectively, with new technology they could record their parts and email them.
 The original album contained 6 tracks and so it was arranged that each of the 3 distinct rhythm sections would record 2 tracks each. 2 by the first line up featuring Nigel Tubb and Clive Baxter, 2 by the touring line up of Jeff Ward and Rich Goddard and finally 2 by the later Magpie/Blacken line up.
 Recording began in February 2012 with 4 backing tracks laid down until internal band politics brought the whole project to a stand still. As Derek Jasnoch eloquently put it..."What ripped the band apart at the time now threatened to bring this project to an end".
 After encouragement from legendary Motorhead guitarist, "Fast" Eddie Clarke, it was decided to finish the album featuring the Mullett/Jones/Jasnoch/Baxter/Ward line up that played on the original recordings, adding 3 extra tracks that were on the rare 1985 cassette only E.P. "Ein Heldentraum", which featured Rich Goddard on Bass and then link the tracks with atmospheric spoken segues, which were a part of the live show at the time, making this new recording a full length album and to tie in with the album`s 30th anniversary.
 Guitarist, Rich Jones fired up his old Marshall and recorded the guitar parts at home in Northamptonshire and emailed them to drummer/producer, Jeff Ward. Jeff then added the Drums in County Cork, Ireland.
Clive Baxter recorded his Bass parts in Berkshire and Rich Goddard sent his from Nottingham. These backing tracks were then sent to Derek in New Mexico, U.S.A. who recorded his keyboards and special effects and emailed them.
These backing tracks were sent to Dunken in New Zealand who added the vocals and finally Rich Jones overdubbed the guitar solos, the whole thing being put together by Jeff at Bluestone Recordings, West Cork, Ireland.
The band were approached by Carlos Faria of Portuguese underground metal label, Non Nobis Productions who offered to release the album on CD, download and limited edition vinyl formats, making this a truly international album.
For making this album possible, we would like to thank :
Carlos Faria at Non Nobis, Henrietta at Hento Productions (Auckland) for the vocal recording, Dave McClelland, Paul Jayes, Ron Penney, Steve Housden, T.P. Mac Curtain, thanks also John Burton for his help with setting up the website
For support and encouragement, thanks to Fast Eddie Clarke, Martha Healy, Ray Blackwell, Nick Schuiten, Selene Paxton-Brooks, Nigel Tubb, Noel Jones, Colin Wolfe and those who have remained faithful over the decades.....Bless the Blade!




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