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Genre: Heavy Metal

Origin: Brazil


Streets of Fire - Fire Strike
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Latest Release on Non Nobis Prod.:


          - 2008  - Our Life Is the Heavy Metal (Demo)

          - 2009  - Fire Strike (Demo)

          - 2013  - Lion and Tiger CD EP

          - 2014  - Metal das Ruas Vol. II (Split CD with Armadilha)


The band FIRE STRIKE was formed, in 2004, with the purpose of playing the purest traditional metal, with roots in the style icons in the 80s.
In 2005 record the first demo, then the band played several shows, but line-up changes, delay the plans to launches official debut of the material. In 2010 with the entry of the singer Aline Nunes, the band got a stable line up with:  Aline Nunes (V), Helyad Amaro, Henrique Schuindt (G), Edivan Diamond (B) and Jean Praelii (D).
'Lion And Tiger' was recorded and produced by the band independently, guitarist Helywild, handled the production with the help of fellow guitarist Henrique Shuindt. The recording got excellent rivews  in specialized media from various parts of the world, such as note a note of10/10 on the site Die Fight.
The band already has the experience of sharing the stage with big names from the national and international metal scene!



Fire Strike

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