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March 27, 2018

One of the leading Heavy metal Bands from the Portuguese scene is coming back with a new 12” record. 4 Songs including a José Cid & Quarteto 1111 cover "A Lenda D'el Rey Don Sebastião".

This 70's  Prog Phsyc Rock masterpiece, was "metalized" by Cruz de Ferro and has the "seal of approval" of the song authors! 

Limited to 200 copies this record is a must in every serious Heavy Metal or Prog Physc Synth Rock collect...

November 4, 2017

Rottentown, after the great response to their debut Mini CD “blood is not enough”, the Spanish female fronted band returns with a second effort.

Again, in the format of a Mini CD! Rottentown shows great 4 songs – No fillers!

Pure 80’s influenced metal with female vocals and catchy riffs!

If you are a traditional metal fan – this is for you!

Available on regular CD jewel case and LTD. Ed. Digipack!

June 15, 2017

Thugnor 2nd Album was released on 30th June.  

This Thugnor secound album bring us a more mature and competent lineup. J.A. (Decayed) is now backed up on vocals by Nelson Canário (Rebellion, Crystal Dragon, Alkateya), D-Void on guitars and Angelo on Bass. The band shows a very interesting blend of Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Doom. No Candlemass fan will be indifferent to this release! 

Available on CD jewel case and on Digipack...

September 10, 2016

Portuguese crossover kings will have their secound album ris Out Now!.

Entitled "Overload" it is available on CD and vinyl.  Grab the limited edition Red Vinyl for the hardcore fans and collectors!

ance track! 

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