Genre: Heavy Metal

Origin: Argentina


Hot Blood - Xenotaph
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Latest Release on Non Nobis Prod.:


          - 2012  - Lucifer 12" Single

          - 2012  - Rehearsal 16.04.12 (Demo)

          - 2013  - Rock is the Force CD/ Vinyl LP 


Xenotaph a band from Argentina that promises to let no one indifferent. 80's styled female fronted HEAVY METAL in the vein of Blacklace, Hellion, Bitch, Black Knight... Truly 80’s style! After a few demos and a self-release 12” single vinyl, Xenotaph attacks the metal community with an album. The vinyl version release came out on the French extreme metal label Cryptic Visions Arts, Non Nobis Prod. proudly took care of the CD version!




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