Thugnor Title - The End of Time Ltd CD Digipack




The concept behind THUGNOR was to produce very slow and mesmerizing music influenced by the likes of CANDLEMASS Two songs were recorded in 1996 and released under the title “Hymns Of Death” as a demo. At this stage, everything was recorded by J.A. In 2007, "At The Gates......" a split CD with DECAYED was released. In 2011 the debut album "Scrolls Of Grimace" got unleashed. On this recording, J.A. is joined by Nuno on lead guitar and this album shows a more mature band dealing in a sort of Death Doom mix. Now in 2017, a new album is ready. "The End Of Time" was recorded with a full line up, still with J.A. on rhythm guitars and drums, Angelo handles the bass, DVoid on the lead guitar work and Nelson on vocals. With the new vocalist the sound went on a more Heavy Doom Metal.



Format: CD

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