Panndora - The Heretic Box (plus Bonus)


PANNDORA are around since 2000. These 5 talented girls from Maringá, Brazil deliver quality Traditional Heavy Metal. Panndora are influenced by Black Sabbath, Kiss, AC/DC, Twisted Sister, Wasp, Grave Digger, Quiet Riot, Judas Priest, Running Wild, Manowar, Vixen, Warlock, Acid, and more.

Their first CD demo was "Choose your Side", released in October 2003. This CD demo had more than a thousand copies sold all over Brazil and abroad.

In 2007 is released “Panndora” EP!

In 2011 is released, a very well received debut album, “Heretic’s Box”, in 2012 Panndora released “Behind the Crime” EP!

Since this releases almost sold out in Brazil only, Non Nobis Prod. decided to release both the Album and the EP “Behind the Crime” in a CD in a worldwide basis. This CD also as some extra media content and new and extended artwork!



Format: CD

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