Leather Synn - Honor and Freedom - 7" Black Vinyl



(Black vinyl)


After the stunning response to their debut 12” EP, Leather Synn went through some convulsion leading to a massive lineup change. First Zé Rockhard (guit) was replaced  by Alcides Pinto, than Hugo Conim (guit) living more than 350Km from Lisbon was also forced to leave being replaced by Fabio. Then Xico Steel moved to UK leaving the vocal duties to Sanchez Cano! Putting up a new lineup ended up delaying the band’s release schedule and took the guys from the live circuit for while! Nevertheless this new lineup shows a band stronger than ever, stable than ever and still committed to the same blend of traditional Heavy metal influences that made the band’s sound. “Honour and Freedom” will be available as a 7” vinyl in 3 different colors and packages including a very limited Die Hard Fan version of 50 copies with loads of extras, from posters to autographed photos. The tracks are the bands composition “Honour and Freedom” to be included on the forthcoming album in early 2015 and the exclusive B side “Face to Face” a cover of 80’s Portuguese metal gods Alkateya.This single along with the previous record are available in all the major digital music retailers for streaming and download.  

The band belongs to a movement which can be called as the New Wave Of Portuguese Heavy Metal. Leather Synn is a band with the full package: music, image and energetic stage show. Taking influences from many of the mid-80's traditional Metal acts... join the battle, it's time to fight! Synn is Ynn!!   




Format: 7" Vinyl Blk

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