Cruz de Ferro - Morremos de Pé CD

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The band started his activity in 2010 and under the command of Ricardo Pombo in Portugal mid-lands city of Torres Novas.

After a Stunning 5 tracks EP “Guerreiros do Metal” in 2012 the band entered an ascending spiral of popularity. With a high acclaimed video (“Defesores”) and a tour that gave them the prize of -“Best Portuguese unsigned Metal Act of 2013” in Loud! Mag

The band plays Traditional Heavy Metal with Epic Chorus and catchy Melodies along with shredding guitar solos framed by the powerful voice of Pombo!

They proudly sing in Portuguese and has as his main lyric subject the tale of the glorious episodes of Portuguese History. 

Both the 5 tracks EP and the new Album were recorded and produced by Arlindo Cardoso (Low Torque; ex-W.A.K.O.)

This new album consists of 10 tracks of the finest Epic Traditional Heavy Metal. This tracks will be available in the form of a CD album though Non Nobis Prod.

Keep an eye on this band, they are heading for the top in the Portuguese Metal Scene!



Format: CD

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