Chris Holmes - Shitting Bricks CD


Chris Holmes, the once called “Mean Man” is releasing now his second solo album. First album, “Nothing to lose”, self-released last year while living in US showed a new Chris Holmes singing and playing the guitar proving against all odds that he had still something to say. Later in that year he moved to Europe and after a brief period in Finland, he and his wife and manager, settle down in France.  

After a period of adaptation to the “old continent”, Chris Holmes joined forces with other musicians creating a touring band (Mean Mean) and recorded this second album “Shitting Bricks”.

More powerful, aggressive and raw than the first one, this album is an honest musical message of someone who still is a Heavy Metal force. Chris Holmes, the Mean Man, The Heavy Metal creature should probably faded long time ago but he did not! He is still here, strong and ready to deliver his “decibel shower” to all the metal heads who dare to stand before him in a stage somewhere in Europe! He is here to stay.



Format: CD

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