Mournblade - Time's Running Out - 2015 LP Clear Vinyl



(Limites to 100 hand numbered records in clear vinyl with download card and promo photo)


Formed in 1983 by Dunken F Mullett and Richie Jones, the band’s early influences included the books of Michael Moorcock, very apparent in early material and theatrical live shows. At one stage the live show featured 14 costume changes as well as many props, and a light show that included lasers and movie projections.The band gigged tirelessly around the UK promoting their first official release “Times Running Out” performing over 400 gigs, headlining at The Marquee and many other major venues. They also supported many major acts during this era and were great supporters of the free festival circuit playing at the infamous Stonehenge festival amongst many others.  This reworking of the now classic first mini-LP features the original line-up of the band and also includes three tracks that were performed regularly during that time but never made it to vinyl.

The record once considered “The future of Heavy Metal” is now a classic record with a fresh sound not only proofing these songs passed the test of time but also showing their relevance nowadays! If you are looking for the finest blend of NWOBHM with 70’s prog your search ends here!



Format: LP Clear Vinyl

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