Non Nobis Prod. Booking Service is another innovation of our label. Since we aim to be the main label of traditional heavy metal in Portugal we felt the need to offer our Portuguese bands an extra push. We thing a label must not only release, promote and distribute his catalog but also work in league with his bands in order to put them on the road. Records won’t sell without live performances and vice versa that’s the reason behind this Pro Bono service. Non Nobis Prod. as a booker don’t substitute bands management we only help bands and promoters to join forces and make it happen!

If you are a promoter, club owner etc. drop us a line we can book one of our bands or work out a bill of 2 or 3 bands. If you want to know the terms and condition of all our bands that choose to be part of this service drop us a live.       

Bands on the NNP Booking  catalog:

NNP Booking

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