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Genre: Heavy Metal

Origin: Portugal


Honour and Freedom - Leather Synn
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Latest Release on Non Nobis Prod.:


          - 2013  - Leather Synn 12" EP

          - 2015  - Hounour and Freedom 7" Single


Leather Synn is a Heavy Metal band founded in 2011. The band belongs to a movement which can be called as the New Wave Of Portuguese Heavy Metal.
The band name was inspired in a project Xico Steele had in 2009 with Hugo called simply Leather. The line-up failed and Xico started an ideia for a new band with Zé Rockhard adding also Hugo, which led to a new name and full commitment of all the band members. In 2010 with just two songs written, Leather Synn started slowly through until the line-up finally completed in 2012 with Victor Silver on Drums and Carlos “Manimal” Faria on Bass. This line up recorded 4 Tracks in the beginning of 2013. Those tracks were released as a 12”EP. After recording the 12" EP and debut live appearance, Zé Rockhard left the band and was replaced by Alcides, an experienced axeman who among other played in Alkateya.  When all seems to go smooth with the band, new lineup changes came on the way. Hugo Conim was unable to conciliate his demanding job, living in the south of the country and attempting to all rehearsals. Xico Steel followed his heart and moved to UK. Those sudden movements led the band to cancel all live dates, delay the recording of a new single and postponing the release of an album to 2015.
Victor, Faria and Alcides never gave up and got new replacement for guitar and vocals. On guitar they got a virtuous young bloke Fábio. To take care of the vocals the band recruited an unknown talent in the Metal circuit; Sanchez Cano! By the end of 2014, Alcides quitted Leather Synn. Divergences based on methods of work and band’s direction lead to his departure. He was quickly replaced by Marco Void an experienced musician, later on Fábio also left to be replace by Bruno Santos, an Heavy Metal "aficionado"  who we believe will bring an end to our constant guitar player instability! 
Leather Synn is a band with the full package: music, image and energetic stage show. Taking influences from many of the mid-80's Heavy Metal acts, they also have their local inspiration in 80's Portuguese Heavy Metal bands of their arcane underground. Leather Synn are comitted to the Heavy Metal purity... 
Join the battle, it's time to fight! Synn is Ynn!!



Leather Synn

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